What Is The Lace Wig?

What is the lace wig?

Last week, we briefly introduced wigs, which are divided into two categories: lace and non-lace. To clarify and simplify your shopping process, we’ll continue to impart knowledge of wigs to u. This week is about the first category of wig: LACE WIG . What is it? How to choose?

What Is A Lace Wig?

Lace wig: a wig consist of a GLUELESS cap and the LACE FRONT (lace material and size make lace front different effort)

The Two Keys Make Lace Wig Different.

While the glueless cap of evey wig is same, so there’re ONLY TWO THINGS you need to consider when you buy a wig: Lace Material and Lace Size.

1. Lace Material

Lace Material includes 2 TYPES: HD Lace and Transparent Lace (Their quality is different).

The quality and price order of lace material: HD > Transparent

The better the quality of material:
a.More see-through, More natural
b.Much thinner, More delicate

Tips: The most cost-effective lace matrial is Transparent Color Lace, which can achieve natural and see-through with low price.

2. Lace Size

Lace only has 6 sizes: 360 Lace and Frontal Lace (4×4, 5×5, 13×4, 13×6, T-part).

The lace size and price order: 360>13×6>13×4>5×5>4×4>t-part

The larger the Lace size:
A. The hairline edge is more natural
B. More breathable,
C. A variety of style

Tips: The size of 13×4 is the most cost-effective, which make sure natural edge and variety of modeling with affordable price.

Best Choice

To sum up, the most cost-effective lace attribute is:TRANSPARENT +13×4 LACE. It is natural, breathable and changeable in shape with the most affordable price. Whatever hair texture you wanna buy, you can always choose this attribute!


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